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Didn't Know About It Before

Theme:  # 10 Romance @ Number fic meme
Pairing:  Yesung/Eeteuk

Title:  Didn't Know About It Before

Yesung had confessed his feelings to Eeteuk first but Eeteuk never had any feelings for Yesung.  He swayed later on as Yesung started to shower with him gifts, sweet words, love songs and preparing surprise events.  Eeteuk thought that Yesung was the most romantic guy he met so when Yesung confessed to him for the second time which was 6 months after the first confession, Eeteuk finally agreed to be Yesung's boyfriend.

Everything went smoothly until they had their first fight which happened on their first anniversary.  Eeteuk was expecting some romantic or surprise event from Yesung, who actually forgot that day was their anniversary. 

Since then, Eeteuk started seeing less of the romantic side of Yesung and more of the bad side of Yesung.  Like how Yesung tends to be late a lot of times or forget important events and broke a lot of promises.  Sure, there were still times when Yesung would do romantic and surprise events but Eeteuk does not fall for it anymore.  He does not feel touched and there were no more butterflies in his stomach and no more rapid beating of excitement from his heart.

After 1 year and 9 months of being in a relationship, Eeteuk told Yesung that they should break up but Yesung didn't want to.  Eeteuk started avoiding and ignoring Yesung, who was still stalking Eeteuk around and tried very hard to make Eeteuk fall for him again but his serenades and romantic events no longer work on Eeteuk.  Yesung finally gave up after a month and told Eeteuk that he agrees with the break up.

After 1 year and 10 months, they officially broke up.  A week later, Eeteuk saw that Yesung was courting another guy named Ryeowook.  Eeteuk felt angry because how could Yesung replace him so fast?!?!  It made him wonder if Yesung ever did love him in the first place or was it all just a game or what?!?!  Eeteuk understood about his feelings of anger but he couldn't understand his feelings of jealousy.  Why the heck would he be jealous of Ryeowook? 

"Nice flowers."  Eeteuk commented when he saw that Ryeowook was holding a bouquet of colorful flowers.

"Thanks."  Ryeowook replied with a smile that told Eeteuk that Ryeowook felt very happy and starting to fall in love with the person who gave it to him, which was none other than Yesung.

"It's nice to be receiving Yesung's serenades and romantic events but that's all there is to it.  I'd advice you not to get it to a relationship with him.  He's not a very good boyfriend."  That was all Eeteuk said to Ryeowook.  He didn't speak with Ryeowook again even after he saw that Ryeowook didn't take his advice and became Yesung's new boyfriend after a month.

Yesung and Ryeowook's relationship didn't last very long.  Ryeowook ended their relationship after 6 months.  "He was right when he said that you wouldn't be a good boyfriend.  I should have listened to his advice."

"Who told you that?"  Yesung asked.

"I don't know who he is and I don't care.  I'm breaking up with you."  Ryeowok said the words with finality.

Yesung and Eeteuk coincidentally met up at a local grocery store.  "Hey, were you the one who told Ryeowook that I wouldn't make a very good boyfriend?"  Yesung asked.

"Yeah."  Eeteuk didn't bother to deny it.  "But I saw that he still went in a relationship with you.  How are you two doing by the way? "

"He broke up with me last week."

"Oh."  Was all Eeteuk said because he didn't know what else to say.

"I guess I'm just not a boyfriend material."  Yesung shrugged and decided to move on with his groceries.

"Hey, Yesung."  Eeteuk called out.  He didn't know why he didn't want to Yesung to leave just yet.  Yesung turned to Eeteuk with a curious look on his face.  "Wanna grab something to eat later after we're done with grocery shopping?"

Yesung smiled slightly.  "That'll be nice."

Since then Eeteuk and Yesung started hanging out as friends.  Eeteuk saw a different side of Yesung this time around.  Yesung turned out to be funny with his jokes or body gags or sometimes, he's just simply funny without even tryng. 

"Are you trying to be a comedian?  You weren't this funny before."  Eeteuk said after laughing at one of Yesung's jokes.

"I don't know where it came from either."  Yesung grinned.  "Maybe I was too busy trying hard to be romantic back then."

Eeteuk also noticed that Yesung talks a lot about his mother and brother which he didn't used to do when they were together before.  Eeteuk asked Yesung.  "Why didn't you tell me about this before?"

"I didn't want people to think that I'm a mama's boy which I actually am.  Don't even start teasing me about it."  Yesung warned.  "And I'm actually very close with my brother even though we have a large age gap.  Because of the age gap,  most of my friends don't want to let my brother hang out with them."

"I don't mind letting your brother hang out with us next time around."  Eeteuk said.  Yesung was surprised to hear this.

The next time they hanged out Yesung brought his brother.  For the first time,  Yesung's brother finally got to meet one of Yesung's friends.  He was very happy because he had always wanted to meet Yesung's friends. 

"Did Yesung ever told you that you have the same name as his exboyfriend?"  Yesung's brother asked innocently when Yesung went to the comfort room which left Eeteuk and him alone for a while.

"I am the exboyfriend." 

Yesung's brother's eyes widened. "Oh!!! Are you getting back together?"

"No.  We're just friends."  Eeteuk replied.

"Oh."  It was a disappointed tone this time around.  Eeteuk didn't know why he felt disappoined too.

Eeteuk didn't know that Yesung could actually sing a rock song very well.  Not the hard metalic type of rock song that only contains screaming but just a rock song that actually contains some lyrics and singing with maybe a bit of screaming as well but at least it's not screaming in the entire song.  And also,  Yesung's hands looked sexy playing on an electric guitar.

"Wow! I didn't know you could sing like that."  Eeteuk said in amazement.  He was used to Yesung singing ballads and love songs and playing the piano and just the plain guitar but this is totally a different side of Yesung.  Eeteuk's hand went to wipe the slight smear of Yesung's eyeliner.

"I'm always practicing with the band which is why I'm always late."  Yesung said.

"You've been in this band already when we were dating?"  Eeteuk asked in surprise.


"Why didn't you tell me this before? You were giving out stupid reasons back then."

"Because rock is not romantic."

"No but it's wild and sexy and I like it."  Eeteuk's hand reached out back but this time, he grabbed Yesung from behind the neck and pulled him for a kiss.  Yesung's arms instantly wrapped around Eeteuk's waist as he kissed him back.

There was a bit of awkwardness after that and then they just went back to normal as if nothing happened.  They didn't talk about the kiss and what it could have possibly meant.  They continued to hang out as friends.

After a while,  Yesung's band started to gain more fans and they were getting more popular.  Yesung had girls and guy confessing to him every now and then.

"Did you just break another heart?"  Eeteuk asked.

"I did."  Yesung sighed.  "I never had so many people confessing to me before.  Heck, NOBODY confessed to me before.  It was always me who does the confessing first."

Eeteuk nodded as he understood clearly what Yesung just said.  "Shouldn't you just date one of them?  It's been a while since you dated."

"But I don't like any of them.  At least not in that way and I don't want them to get hopeful if I decide to give them one date."

"So there isn't really anybody you like right now?"

"There's you."

Then an air of awkwardness started to settle in between them. 

"Well... isn't that the most spontaneous and unromantic confession I ever did?"  Yesung said and laughed awkwardly.  Eeteuk still hasn't opened his mouth to reply whatsoever.  "Okay, you know what.  Forget about it.  I was just joking."  Yesung said quickly because he really does not want to lose his friendship with Eeteuk.

Eeteuk simply nodded.  "Okay, I remember I have something to do so I have to go.  I'll see you around."  But after that,  they haven't seen each other for about a week.  Yesung tried to contact Eeteuk but all of his texts and calls were ignored and every time he visited Eeteuk's house, nobody answered the door.

"It's strange how I feel so broken hearted right now when we weren't even in a relationship but it hurts more than from the time we first broke up."  Yesung said to the door of Eeteuk's house.  He was surprised when the door suddenly opened.

Eeteuk was standing there awkwardly and a bit fidgety.  "I'm sorry that I avoided you all week but I need to do a lot of thinking."

"You really should have just rejected me last week instead of spending a week avoiding me to think of ways on how to reject me nicely."  Yesung joked bitterly.  "I would have gotten over it by now and we could have been back to being friends again."

"I was actually in a relationship."  Eeteuk confessed.

Yesung was surprised.  "Really?  It seemed like you weren't since we always seem to be spending a lot of time together." 

"He's a businessman and an extremely busy person.  He was out of the country last week for a business trip.  He just came back yesterday. I avoided you because I don't want to end up cheating on him so I waited for him to come back so I could properly end my relationship with him and start a new one with you."  Eeteuk explained. 

"Do you really want to be with me?  Despite all of my flaws? I don't want us to break up again for the same reasons."  Yesung asked.

"I got to know you better and I really like the Yesung I've been hanging out with and I've been wanting to kiss you."  Eeteuk wrapped his arms around Yesung's neck and leaned in for a kiss feeling the familiar yet unique taste from Yesung.

Eeteuk actually found it romantic when Yesung isn't actually trying to be romantic.  Like when Yesung cooked or hot soup for him and made sure he took his medicine whenever he get sick or when Yesung would offer his massage services whenever Eeteuk complains some muscle pain or when Yesung suddenly stops by his workplace for a short while saying "I was just passing by so I thought I should stop by." and steals a kiss or two.

Of course, there were still some flaws and disappointments as no relationship can be completely romantic and perfect but it's nothing that can't be forgiven.  They'll just move on forward towards a better day and a stronger relationship.


A/N:  It's my day off and my mom went somewhere so I'm alone in the house.  I suddenly got inspired and I was able to concentrate writing in the afternoon for a few hours with this fic.  It's been a long time since I felt like this while writing so I'm really happy.  Hopefully, I'll be like this for a while so I could write some more ^^  Please comment and show me love!!! <3
Tags: sj: eeteuk, sj: yesung

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