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Pretending To Sleep For Stolen Kisses

Theme: 26. Pressure
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Ryeowook

Title: Pretending To Sleep For Stolen Kisses

Eunhyuk was awake already but he refused to open his eyes hoping that he might be able to go back to sleep. He heard the morning sounds such as the water from the shower, the sound of something being cooked on a frying pan, the sound of plates and glasses being placed on the table, the sound of footsteps and sleepy voices (though some sounded hyper and energetic… probably Donghae) from the other members.

Then he heard the door of his room opening. He heard the footsteps coming towards him. He felt the dip of the side of his bed from the person’s weight. He felt fingers running through his hair and a light pressure on his cheek. Eunhyuk wondered what that light pressure on his cheek was. It was too light to be able to distinguish what it was. He thought it could have been a kiss but dismissed the thought right away and concluded that it was probably just a brush from the person’s knuckles or fingers.

“Eunhyuk, wake up.” There was a slight shake on his shoulder. Eunhyuk groaned as one of his eyes opened to see Ryeowook smiling at him. It’s usually Donghae, who would wake him up and who would usually join him to sleep if he doesn’t succeed in waking up Eunhyuk, which is probably why Ryeowook was here because he probably won’t sleep with Eunhyuk and Eunhyuk would force himself to get up because he doesn’t want Ryeowook to get scolded by Eeteuk.

Although he was able to have a nice bath, eat a lot of breakfast and talked to some members, he was still tired and continued sleeping in the car while they were on their way for their schedule. Suddenly, the car jerked to a stop and Eunhyuk would have hit his head at the back of the front seat if it weren’t for the arms around him. He turned to look at the owner of the arms, Ryeowook.

“It’s alright. Just go back to sleep.” Ryeowook said sweetly. Eunhyuk nodded. He would have went back lying at the side of the car, by the window but Ryeowook’s hand guided his head to lean on Ryeowook’s shoulder instead. Eunhyuk thought it was more comfortable. He had closed his eyes but he couldn’t go back to sleep easily. However, he liked his position. He liked Ryeowook’s warmth and the rhythm of Ryeowook’s breathing. Then he felt it again. The light pressure was on his lips this time and now, he knew that it was certainly a kiss because he had felt Ryeowook’s head move.

A few nights later, they ended up watching a movie together in the living room of their dorm, sitting right beside each other comfortably. The movie was funny. They laughed a lot while eating popcorns. Some members would sit and watch for a while before going off to bed because they still had a lot in their schedule tomorrow. Eventually, the tiredness of the day had taken a toll on Eunhyuk. He was starting to feel sleepy and closed his eyes.

He was about to open his eyes to tell Ryeowook that he was tired and would probably just get some sleep instead in his room and to apologize that he would not be able to finish watching the movie with Ryeowook but before he could open his eyes, he felt the pressure on his lips. It was still a light kiss but a bit more pressure was placed on it compared to the previous kisses. Then he felt his shoulders being shook.

“Eunhyuk, I think it would be better if you sleep on your bed and not here on the couch.”

“Oh. I didn’t notice that I feel asleep.” Eunhyuk said sleepily and rubbed his eye though it was just an act, it was true that he was sleepy. “Wake me up in the morning?”

Although Ryeowook was happy to hear that, he couldn‘t help but ask. “Shouldn’t that be Donghae’s task?”

“Yeah but we all know how much he fails at waking me up.” They both chuckled at the truth.

The next day, Eunhyuk woke up because of his alarm clock. His hand moved to turn it off. He was awake by now but he still had his eyes closed. He was waiting for Ryeowook to wake him up. He was waiting for Ryeowook’s kiss. If he pretends to be asleep, he knew that Ryeowook would take the opportunity to kiss him and it just a few minutes, it happened.

It just kept on happening whenever Eunhyuk would pretend the he was sleeping. He also felt that Ryeowook had become more daring each time because the pressure was starting to change from light to heavy as more pressure was added every time.

“Ryeowook, don’t you have something to tell me?”

Ryeowook looked at Eunhyuk in a confuse manner. “None that I could think of.”

“You really sure that you don’t have anything to say?”


“Fine, then. Well, I have something to say and you better do what I say.”

Ryeowook blinked and wondered why Eunhyuk was suddenly acting this way. “As a magnae, it’s my job to follow what my hyungs would say.”

“So if Kangin told you to kiss him, would you do it?” Eunhyuk asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Ew, no.” Ryeowook had a disgusted look on his face.

“What if I would be the one to tell you to kiss me?”

Eunhyuk could see that Ryeowook was trying to hide the shock that he felt but he wasn’t really that good in masking his feelings. “And why would you ask something like that from me?” Ryeowook asked hesitantly.

Eunhyuk chuckled. He found Ryeowook’s shy and troubled look completely adorable. “Nothing. Just forget about it.”

However, Eunhyuk was starting to regret opening up that topic because ever since they had that talk, Ryeowook had stopped stealing kisses. Pretending to sleep doesn’t work anymore. He wondered what he should do to make Ryeowook kiss him again.

“Ryeowook, kiss me.”

“Hyung, are you drunk?”

“Do I look drunk?”

“Well, no.”

“Then there’s your answer.”

Okay, that was a weird conversation and definitely not a good start but Eunhyuk must be either be feeling desperate or missing Ryeowook’s kisses too much for his mouth to suddenly have a mind of his own to blurt out those words. Weird start aside, Eunhyuk still decided to continue on with their conversation.

“Ryeowook, are you going to do what your hyung just told you?”

“I thought you were joking.”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

“Well, no.”

“Then there’s… why the heck are we repeating this conversation?”

Ryeowook laughed lightly, which made Eunhyuk forget about his annoyance. Eunhyuk thought that the kiss shouldn’t matter because spending time with Ryeowook was nice enough. They continued to talk about other things while they ate their snacks and played some videogames.

“It’s late already.” Eunhyuk said as he looked at the wall clock. “We should get to sleep. We have a very busy schedule tomorrow.” He turned off their play station and T.V. “Wake me up with a morning kiss, okay? You haven’t done that in a while and I kinda like it.”

Ryeowook looked at him in shock. “You… you… you knew?!?!”

“I always pretend to be sleeping for stolen kisses though I would like it more if I don’t have to pretend. Goodnight, Wookie.” But before Eunhyuk could enter in his room, Ryeowook had caught up to him.

Ryeowook pulled Eunhyuk’s arm so Eunhyuk could face him. He tiptoed a bit and stole a kiss. “You don’t have to pretend to be asleep anymore. I’ll just try to steal a kiss from you whenever I can. Goodnight, Eunhyuk hyung.”


A/N: So this is what I did for the past month...
NEOPETS!!! OMG... I made a new accoutn and started to play again!!!
Poupee... It's a dress up doll community~ It's cute!
Facebook... some games and school stuff... I communicate with my classmates there @_@
Finished watching:
Gossip Girl Season 1
Aeon Flux the movie
XXXholic season 2
Natsume Yuujinchou
Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou
And of course the usual school stuff... research.... reviews.... reports... tests... OMG.. I'm gonna have a duty next week... and it would also be midterms week!!!

So like... that's the reason I haven't really been active in lj and haven't really been writing fics @_@
But I shall try to post a fic at least once a week just as I promised myself... though I'm not good in keeping promises? XD

Lastly... comments please?!?!?! ^_________^

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