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Mythical Love chap. 4 (end)

Mythical Love

Theme: 29. Sea
Pairing: Siwon/Sungmin

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4

It was usually Sungmin who wakes up first but this morning, Siwon had opened his eyes first. It was the first time that Siwon had actually seen Sungmin’s sleeping face close up despite the months that he had stayed with Sungmin. Then he realized that it would be their last day together like this. Today is the day that Super Junior is having their concert. It would be the day to be reuniting with Hankyung. If Hankyung accepts him, he will stay with Hankyung. If not, then he will go back to the sea…to his merman life. Either way, he and Sungmin will part ways.

Unexpectedly, it hurts. He was always relying and being dependent on Sungmin. There was Sungmin who was a bit selfish of his love towards Siwon but ended up sacrificing and giving up Siwon for Hankyung. When Siwon compared Sungmin’s love towards him and his love towards Hankyung, he could clearly say that Sungmin had a bigger and greater love. If it were him, he wasn’t sure if he could do all those things for Hankyung. The way Siwon feels now made him doubt of his feelings towards Hankyung.

Then Sungmin woke up. He was surprised to see that Siwon was staring intently at him. “Good morning.” Sungmin greeted in a sleepy tone. He turned his body away so that he wouldn’t be able to look at Siwon. Their faces were close to each other when he wake up that he was almost tempted to kiss the merman but he knew that he shouldn’t do that. First is because of morning breath. Second is that it makes things complicated and they might fight again. Knowing that it would be their last day together with a heavy heart, Sungmin got up from the bed and told Siwon to wash up while Sungmin makes breakfast.

Later Siwon stared at his favorite food in front of him. “Isn’t this too much?” He asked. It was just breakfast after all. People usually just have light breakfast or no breakfast at all even if they knew that it was important meal for the day.

“We’ll be having lunch outside so I might not be able to cook this again for you. At least not anytime soon.”


It was an awkward kind of silence. It had been that way for the rest of the day. They went to a barber shop to let Siwon have a new haircut. Then they went shopping to the mall to buy new clothes for Siwon so that he would look good when he attends on the concert later or when he meets up with Hankyung. Sungmin talked only when he compliments Siwon with his new hair and clothes. Siwon talked only to say thank you each time Sungmin complimented him and when Sungmin paid for the stuff. Then they arrived home to rest a bit before getting ready to attend to the concert.

Siwon doesn’t like it one bit. He doesn’t like this awkward silence, tense atmosphere and uncomfortable feelings towards each other. This is their last day together so why can’t they enjoy it and act like they normally do? But Siwon doesn’t know what to say or how to act. Time flew by fast and they were finally at the concert.

The concert was awesome. Sungmin would have liked it if only he didn’t have a grudge against Hankyung. Siwon would have enjoyed it completely if half of his mind wasn’t so busy thinking about Sungmin. Then the concert was finally over. Some people decided to go home. Some people decided to stay and hang out for a while. Some people were lucky to get a backstage pass. Sungmin offered his own backstage pass to a random girl, who hugged him happily when she received it. The sight made Siwon feel jealous but why is he jealous? It’s Hankyung that he likes, not Sungmin…right?

“Why did you give it to her? We’re suppose to go to the backstage together.”

“If I go there, I might end up punching Hankyung or something.”

“How can you hate him so much when you haven’t even met him?”

“Because he stole your heart and mind.”

“But you stole my first kiss.”

“I bet you were thinking of Hankyung at that time too.”

“Sungmin, we’re parting so let’s not argue.” Why does his chest feels heavy? Why does it seem hard to breath? Why does his heart hurt all over? Is it because they’re parting? Siwon doesn’t want to part with Sungmin. Should he just stay here and not meet Hankyung?

“You should go now before I stop you.” Sungmin said as he gave Siwon a gentle push towards the direction of the backstage.

“Sungmin, there’s really a lot I want to say to you so please wait for me.”

“You might get too involved with Hankyung to actually remember to come back here.”

Siwon was getting a bit irritated at Sungmin’s jealousy. “Whatever happens to me and Hankyung in the backstage, I’ll come back here so wait for me okay? I’ll cry If you’re not here when I come back.”

“Hankyung will be there to comfort you when you cry anyway.”

“Can you please not talk that way? I’m not even sure if Hankyung remembers me and if he does, what are the chances that he would accept my feelings and want to be with me? He might secretly even be going out with Heechul. There is little to zero chance of Hankyung loving me so stop this stupid jealousy of yours!”

Siwon didn’t wait for Sungmin to reply. He felt so irritated and annoyed that he just wanted to escape from Sungmin for a while. Unconsciously, he ended up in the backstage. His backstage pass was taken by the guard and he was pushed inside Super Junior’s dressing room with the other lucky fans in there.

Two hours passed by. Sungmin was still waiting. He saw the other fans walk by and went home. The random girl that he had given his backstage pass even approached him.

“Oppa, I’d like to thank you again!!!” She said cheerfully. “I hope you don’t mind if I ask why are you still here?”

“I’m waiting for someone. Maybe you’ve noticed him. A handsome guy that also got to meet Super Junior.”

The girl thought for a while before her expression turned into recognition. “Ah! I remember him. He and Hankyung were talking when the rest of the fans left. They seem to get along really well.”

His interaction with the girl happened 1 hour and 30 mins ago. But overall, he’s waiting for Siwon for 2 hours already. His mind kept on telling him to just leave because Siwon and Hankyung are probably too into each other right now but his heart kept on telling him to stay just one more minute which turned into 5 minutes and eventually 2 hours. “Ah! I’m going crazy for waiting for too long!!!” Sungmin said to himself as he ruffled his hair and kicked the wall.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting.” Siwon had finally arrived.

Sungmin observed Siwon, who looked quite okay. Not disheveled. No red eyes. No signs of being rejected but no signs of getting together with Hankyung either. “So how did it go?”


“Oh. That’s good I guess.” There went the awkward silence again. “So I guess I should leave now.” Sungmin turned and started to walk towards the exit but he heard Siwon’s footsteps behind him. “Why are you following me?”

“You said we’re leaving.”

“No, I said I am leaving.”

“Yeah and I’m leaving with you.”

“But I thought things went great with Hankyung.”

“It did. We decided to remain friends and stay in touch.”

Sungmin was confused now. “Then…shouldn’t you be broken hearted right now?”

Siwon shook his head from side to side. “Unexpectedly, it doesn’t hurt. Do you want to know what really hurt me today?”

“What is it?”

“The thought of you and I parting ways. I realized the moment when I woke up that today would might be our last day together but I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to stay with you longer. I even contemplated going through the concert or going to meet Hankyung because I just want to stay with you.”

Sungmin finally knew the reason why Siwon was acting strangely today. He expected Siwon to be happy and excited because he would meet Hankyung but when they went to the barber shop or went shopping for clothes, Siwon didn’t seem to be in the mood. Siwon was simply silent and did everything that Sungmin told him. Even after the concert, Siwon continued to act calmly.

“Today would have been the day that I should be thinking of Hankyung but you were in my thoughts all day. Even during the concert, I was still thinking of you. I couldn’t even remember much about the concert.”

Could this be the confession that Sungmin had long been wishing for?

“Sungmin, as much as I want to stay with you. I need to go back home…to the sea…to my life as a merman.”

Sungmin felt rejected once again. “I understand.” He controlled his emotions. He wanted to cry. He wanted to yell angrily at Siwon for giving him some sort of hope and crushing it. But despite all of his boiling emotions and mixed feelings, he drove Siwon to the beach.

Once they’ve arrived the beach, they walked together on the sand and towards the sea. “Sungmin, I’ve exhausted my powers so I have to return but once, I’ve regained my powers. I’ll come back here as a human. But for the meantime, please keep on visiting the sea.”

“Should I? You would probably have met other mermans or mermaids.”

“Maybe but I only love one human.”

Sungmin couldn’t believe what he was hearing but before he could ask Siwon to say it again, Siwon was already kissing him. That was the best confirmation that he needed.

“You better not look at other humans while I’m in the sea.”

“Don’t worry, I only love one merman.”


A/N: They can’t exactly be in the same place since Siwon can’t be permanently become human but this is already considered as a happy ending right? ^_^

OMIGOSH!! I finally finished this!!! After months and months and months!!!! T_T *tears of joy*

Comments shall be loved!!! I worked hard on this @_@
Tags: 100 fic challenge, siwon, sj: sungmin

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