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17 January 2009 @ 07:08 pm
Cute Ears  
Theme: Set Charlie # 14 Dotted-lines 30smiles 
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Sungmin

Dedicated to: skyelar18  because she's very active in hyukmin_sarang  so I believe she deserve something for her efforts. I'm sorry I couldn't make this fic longer. Blame the cold temperature of the room >.>

Title: Cute Ears

It was just a typical game of Truth and Dare between Sungmin and Eunhyuk.

“Which part of me do you find cute?” Sungmin asked.

“Ears.” If there’s one thing that Eunhyuk kept as a secret from the members, it was his ear fetish.

“Ears?” Sungmin blinked. He didn’t expect that kind of answer. “Is that why you bit my ear one time during the show?”

“You’re only allowed to ask one question.” Eunhyuk used the rules of the game as a way to avoid the questions.

Sungmin pouted cutely. “Fine. I choose Truth.”

“Did you like it when I bit your ear?”

“Well…it was ticklish…” Sungmin fidgeted and started to draw circles with his fingers on the bed sheet since he and Eunhyuk are currently sitting at Sungmin’s bed.

“That’s not an answer to my question.”

“…yes.” Sungmin started to blush and his ears turned pink. Eunhyuk found this very cute.


Sungmin blinked. He didn’t really have anything in mind for what Eunhyuk could do for a dare.

“Why don’t you dare me to bite your ear?”

Sungmin went into a full blush. “No way…” One of his hands touched his ear.

“Well,  I’d still do it anyway.” Eunhyuk caught Sungmin’s earlobe between his teeth. He tugged on it lightly before licking on it before moving back to his seat. Smirking at the sight of his teeth marks that looked like dotted-lines on Sungmin’s ear. “So truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Sungmin said as he touched felt the teeth marks on his ear.

“Why the heck are you so damn cute?!?!” Eunhyuk couldn’t resist himself and attacked Sungmin’s other ear.


A/N: I wrote this in the very cold classroom in which I often have a brain freeze. My hand barely moved while writing this on the paper too. merashun had the same experience because she was writing her suju family fic series too. lolz Gosh! I guess we weren't listening to the teacher at all >.>  We really shouldn't take minor subjects for granted~

There was a sort of headcount of suju fans today at the mall. I got to meet reich_of_eris and accompanied her for a short while. Sorry, I couldn't stay and accompany you longer. Honestly, I was hungry and I was suppose to eat with my friends when you arrived XD but I'm glad we met ^_^</lj></lj>

vainballerinavainballerina on January 17th, 2009 11:47 am (UTC)
Oh Hyukjae~ I have the same question for Sungmin too. Why is he freaking cuuuuuute? *envy* D:

But this was really cute and easy to read~ the flow was nice too. :D
Jishujishu on January 17th, 2009 12:01 pm (UTC)
It's rather short though~ ^_^
But thanks for reading~ ♥
(Deleted comment)
Jishujishu on January 17th, 2009 12:02 pm (UTC)
yuh...lolz XD
(Deleted comment)
Jishujishu on January 17th, 2009 12:29 pm (UTC)
well...that's Eunhyuk's fetish..XD
Midterms...was...well...just forget about it XD

besides....Eunhyuk can't bite off Sungmin's eyes..o.o;;;
but on ears...it's a completely different story ^________^
yuyamassu on January 17th, 2009 12:29 pm (UTC)
“Why the heck are you so damn cute?!?!”

Is that supposed to be question?!
How is sungmin suppose to answer that?!
Because sungmin is cute by natural!!!!!!!!>.<

I always wonder how do you manage to think of such cute plots!X3
Jishujishu on January 17th, 2009 12:55 pm (UTC)
I think the next couple of plots wouldn't be so cute despite being part of the cuteness series >.<

I feel those plots are kinda...smuttish...in a way...@_@;;
dream4fatgirl on January 17th, 2009 12:29 pm (UTC)
You are fast! didn't you just post? welp... Sungmin is cute but who would have guessed that eunhyuk has an ear fetish *grins*
Jishujishu on January 17th, 2009 12:52 pm (UTC)
you mean the post yesterday? lolz XD
That's because I have completed stories that I kept in my comp. ^_^
It's the stories I wrote during my 2 weeks hiatus~
but it's not much...
and I'll be busy on Mondays - Thursdays so...
I need to post at least one fic on Fridays - Sundays

Thanks for reading~ ♥
Gosh this was a long reply~
kyuhyunlover3kyuhyunlover3 on January 17th, 2009 12:40 pm (UTC)
XD XD X3 X3 X3 X3 XD *squeals* cant comment too much squealing! KYA~!
Jishujishu on January 17th, 2009 12:56 pm (UTC)
perfectfireskyperfectfiresky on January 17th, 2009 01:12 pm (UTC)
hahaha so cute!!! Hyukkie's ear fetish! X) but you know what? Minnie's ears are kinda cute :P lol!!!

“Well…it was ticklish…” Sungmin fidgeted and started to draw circles with his fingers on the bed sheet
Minnie is embarrassed to admit he enjoyed it!! XXXDD lol so adorable!!!!
Jishujishu on January 17th, 2009 01:14 pm (UTC)
Hahahahhaha!!! XD
Thanks for reading~ ♥
leunah23leunah23 on January 17th, 2009 01:34 pm (UTC)
short but sweet and well...quite hot (am i sick or what?) well...anyway~~~ WELCOME BACK!!!! XDDDD
Jishujishu on January 17th, 2009 01:37 pm (UTC)
no, you're not sick ^_^ you're going to be a doctor!!! you should know when you're sick or not!!! lolz Hahahahah!!!
Thanks for the warm welcome~ ♥
I hope you'll read the fic I posted yesterday~ ♥
but I can understand if the pairing kinda bothers you so you won't read. lolz
panda3035panda3035 on January 17th, 2009 03:01 pm (UTC)
LOL!!! cute, and ear fetish?! great
Jishujishu on January 17th, 2009 03:14 pm (UTC)
Hahahahah!! Thanks for reading XD
rokkugo_ogukkor on January 17th, 2009 03:24 pm (UTC)
XDDDDDDDDD That's adorable!! Eunhyuk, oh gosh, just freaking eat his ear, why don't you~~~ Sungmin /is/ really cute~~
Jishujishu on January 18th, 2009 01:35 am (UTC)
Sungmin's ear might become deformed if Eunhyuk keeps on eating it XD
Ming♥: hyukjaeamine87 on January 17th, 2009 04:03 pm (UTC)
ear... fetish....

somehow it fits him *_*
Jishujishu on January 18th, 2009 01:37 am (UTC)
really? Hahaha XD
Aliaamiljnte on January 17th, 2009 05:40 pm (UTC)
i found this so romantic!!
Jishujishu on January 18th, 2009 01:40 am (UTC)
*mops away the melt* XD!!!
THanks for reading~ ♥
kim_hae_eun on January 17th, 2009 09:36 pm (UTC)
attacked his other ear??? pfftthh!!!!!

NOT EVEN BUDDY!! more like teh ear then DOWN LOL
Jishujishu on January 18th, 2009 01:41 am (UTC)
you are free to think of that XD;;
(no subject) - kim_hae_eun on January 18th, 2009 07:11 pm (UTC) (Expand)
g_myzo on January 17th, 2009 10:25 pm (UTC)
lol that's so cute ^0^
Jishujishu on January 18th, 2009 01:44 am (UTC)
yey~! =3
eternalelfeternalelf on January 18th, 2009 12:03 am (UTC)
lol random but cuuuuuuuuuuuute <3
make more eunhae just cause i love them <33 otp
Jishujishu on January 18th, 2009 02:07 am (UTC)
eunhae? I'll think about it~
coz I still have challenges to finish XD;;
(no subject) - (Anonymous) on January 18th, 2009 06:42 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - jishu on January 18th, 2009 06:46 am (UTC) (Expand)