Jishu (jishu) wrote,

Mythical Love chap. 3

Theme: 29. Sea
Pairing: Siwon/Sungmin

Chapter 3

The next time Sungmin woke up, he felt something different. His legs felt something cold and slick. He opened his eyes to see Siwon still sleeping peacefully. He looked under the blanket to see what was touching his legs. He let out a scream of surprise. “AAAAHHHH!!!” He hoped he didn’t scream like a girl.

Siwon woke up because Sungmin was literally screaming on his ear. “What’s wrong?” He rubbed his eyes awake and looked at Sungmin who was pointing at something under the blanket. Siwon blinked and looked at the blanket. “Oh, my tail.”

Sungmin’s parents knocked on Sungmin’s door, which was luckily locked. “Sungmin darling, what’s wrong?” It was his mother’s voice.

“Nothing, mom! I just fell out of bed. HEHEHEHE!” Sungmin hoped his voice sounded convincing. He sighed in relief when he heard his mother’s footsteps moving away. Then he started to panic again when he saw Siwon moving his shark tail. “What happened?!?! Where’s your legs?!?!”

“I guess I used too much power when I healed you so I don’t have enough power anymore to maintain my human legs. I don’t have much power on land so I need to recharge in the water.” Siwon explained. “I’m sorry for being such a burden but you really looked bad with all those injuries yesterday so I wanted to heal you. Besides, you were injured because you had to get those concert tickets and backstage pass for me.”

“No need to apologize. It’s good that my parents doesn’t have to find out that I got injured yesterday.” Sungmin moved out of the bed and went to the bathroom. He was lucky that he has his personal bathroom connected only to his room. He turned the faucet on and waited for the tub to be filled with water. Then he moved back to the bed and dragged Siwon to the bathtub. He couldn’t carry Siwon because Siwon was heavier than him.

Siwon flapped his tail happily in the bathtub. Some water splashed out of the bathtub and even on Sungmin. “Siwon, stop it. You’re spilling the water.” Siwon had a mischievous smirk on his face and flapped his tail again. “Siwon…” Sungmin’s threatening tone but Siwon did not listen and flapped again. “Okay, that’s it. War!!!”  Sungmin used his hands to splash a lot of water towards Siwon’s face.

They had a mini war in the bathtub. When the war subsided, Sungmin became very wet that Siwon offered Sungmin to join him in the bathtub. “No, thanks. Besides, there’s no space for me because of your tail.”

“You can sit on my lap. Come on, I’ll even wash your back.” Siwon didn’t wait for Sungmin’s reply. He simply grabbed Sungmin’s arm and used a lot of force that Sungmin fell on him in the bathtub.

Sungmin finally found a comfortable seat on Siwon’s lap and his back leaned against Siwon’s chest. “I want to ask something. How did you heal my injuries?”

Siwon found a light bruise on Sungmin’s hand. It was probably an injury from yesterday. He took Sungmin’s hand and let his lips brush lightly against it. The bruise instantly faded away. Sungmin observed in amazement. Then he realized something. “Did you do the same thing with all over my body?!”

The merman nodded. “I like your skin. It’s soft.” He caressed Sungmin’s back while Sungmin bit his bottom lip to stop himself from whimpering. “I also did something else to you yesterday. I did this.” Siwon confessed and demonstrated. His lips brushed against Sungmin’s. He could feel how Sungmin’s body went tense. “Sorry. I hope I didn’t steal your first kiss.”

“You call that a kiss?” Sungmin turned his body so he was now straddling Siwon. “No, you didn’t steal my first kiss because that wasn’t even considered a proper kiss. A kiss is like this.” Sungmin placed a hand at the back of Siwon’s head as he crushed his mouth against Siwon’s lips.  He used his hand to tilt Siwon’s head properly as his tongue went to explore inside Siwon’s mouth and meeting with Siwon’s tongue.

Siwon can easily breath on land or in water but by kissing, it was the first time for him to not be able to breath properly. Despite losing his breath, he didn’t want to stop kissing. He liked the sensation and the unique taste of Sungmin. He briefly wondered if Hankyung would feel this way.

They broke the kiss eventually and regained their breathing. “I really like you.” Sungmin suddenly confessed. He never thought that he would be confessing in a bathroom, in a bathtub, wet and almost naked and sitting on Siwon’s lap, the person who he would be confessing.

“I know.” Siwon said softly. “I was half awake the other night when you confessed. I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or reality but after what you did yesterday, Eunhyuk said that you must have really liked me so I thought that your confession the other night must have been reality after all. I wish I could return your feelings, Sungmin. You’ve been nothing but kind to me.”

“I’ll go make breakfast. Do you think you could walk towards the kitchen later or do I have to bring your breakfast here?” Sungmin said as he stepped out of the bathtub. (note: he had been wearing boxers since he slept and fell on the bathtub) He took a towel and dried himself.

“I can walk to the kitchen later.”

“Okay, then I’ll just call you when breakfast is ready.” Sungmin wrapped the towel around himself. As soon as he left the bathroom, he cursed himself for losing control. He shouldn’t have kissed Siwon or confessed. Now, things will just get more awkward and they wouldn’t be able to go back to how they were before.

Sungmin wouldn’t stay at the same place with Siwon. He would only be with Siwon when they’re eating breakfast and lunch. Then he would be wherever part of the house that is far from Siwon. The merman only felt sad and lonely so at around 2pm, he already had enough with Sungmin avoiding him. He decided to follow Sungmin wherever he goes until Sungmin decided to lock himself in his room. “Hey, this is my room too.” Siwon said as he knocked on the door. He eventually gave up on knocking. “Sungmin, why are you avoiding me?”

“Because it’s awkward.” Sungmin answered from behind the door.

“You’re only making it more awkward by avoiding me.”

“Then what do you want me to do? Pretend that none of it happened?!?!” Siwon flinched at Sungmin’s tone. “I’m broken hearted, Siwon. Leave me alone.”

It was only until Eunhyuk arrived that Sungmin finally went out of his room. Even then, Sungmin had ignored Siwon while he entertained Eunhyuk, who was able to notice the tense atmosphere between the two. When Siwon left the living room, Eunhyuk decided to ask. “So what’s up between the two of you?” Sungmin ended up spilling everything to his best friend including Siwon’s real identity.

“I think you have a chance with him, Sungmin. I don’t think anyone would be willing to give up their first kiss to someone who they don’t feeling something for. Besides, he asked me if I like you yesterday and I saw how relieved he was when I said that I don’t have any feelings for you.” Eunhyuk tried to encourage his best friend.

“I’ll think about it when I get over with moping around.” Sungmin said as he lead Eunhyuk towards the front door. “I’ll see you at school tomorrow, okay?” He was surprised when Eunhyuk suddenly hugged him and kissed him goodbye…on the lips! Before he could question Eunhyuk, his best friend already got himself a taxi and left.

Sungmin turned and saw Siwon just a few feet away from him. He probably have seen the kissing scene. “Eunhyuk must have lied to me when he said he didn’t like you yesterday. You should go for him. He seems like a nice guy.”

What the heck? First, it was Eunhyuk encouraging him that he has a chance with Siwon. Now, it’s Siwon encouraging him to be with Eunhyuk. How did things get so complicated?!?! “You should go for Hankyung too. He seems like a nice guy.” Sungmin replied sarcastically before locking himself in his room once again.

A few minutes later, he received a call from Eunhyuk. “I only did that because I knew that Siwon was watching. If he got mad, then it means he likes you!”

“Well, your plan failed. He didn’t get mad. In fact, he encouraged me to be with you.”


Sungmin sighed. “Thanks for trying to help, Eunhyuk but don’t interfere anymore. I’ll be busy putting glue on my broken heart tonight. Tomorrow, I will befriend Siwon again. The day after tomorrow is Super Junior’s concert. It will probably be the day that Siwon and I will part ways. I just want my last memory with Siwon to be in good terms.”

“So does that mean you’ll be absent at school tomorrow too? Eeteuk said he missed his baby Sungmin already.”

“Hahaha! I’ll see him at school on Monday.” Sungmin felt a bit better already after the phone call. He proceeded to make dinner. During dinner, both of them were surrounded by uncomfortable silence until Sungmin cleared his throat. “Tomorrow, we’re going to the salon. You need a haircut. Then we’ll go to the mall to buy you some new clothes. You need to look good in front of Hankyung when you meet up with him.” He felt good to see Siwon smiling again.

Before they went to sleep, “Can I sleep with you at your bed tonight?” Siwon asked.

“If you don’t want to be raped, no.” Sungmin replied. They went back to talking comfortably after dinner. Siwon didn’t listen to him. He simply jumped on the bed and landed beside Sungmin. “Siwon, go back to your own bed.”

“But I want to sleep with you.”

“I wouldn’t be able to sleep if you sleep here.”

“But I want to sleep with you.”

“Damnit! You’re going to sleep with Hankyung soon so don’t sleep with me!” Sungmin suddenly realized what he had just said. “Shit, sorry. I lost my temper. Don’t cry… damn.“ They just recently became friends and now, they’re fighting again.

Tears rolled down on Siwon’s cheeks. He looked like a child who got scolded by his mother. “I’m sorry. I’m always being such a bother and a burden.” He moved out of Sungmin’s bed and went back to his own bed. He curled like a ball under the blankets. After a few moments, he felt Sungmin lying down on his bed and hugging him from behind. “Sungmin…”


“Are you really going to rape me?”

“No. Save your virginity for Hankyung.”

Siwon could hear the venom on Hankyung’s name. “You really hate Hankyung, do you?”

“Go to sleep, Siwon. If you speak one more word, I’ll rape you.”

Siwon turned around to face Sungmin, who already had his eyes closed. He didn’t speak anymore but he spelled the word ‘goodnight’ on Sungmin’s chest before hugging Sungmin and falling asleep.

End of Chapter 3
To be continued…

A/N: It was awkward for me to write this chapter because they’re sorta fighting ^_^;; and it took me a long time to be inspired to continue this.
Tags: 100 fic challenge, shimin, sj: siwon, sj: sungmin

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